France, much like Italy was a place that we had visited before the existence of the Blog. So virtually everything that we had seen and done was undocumented.

But we had done a lot.

My first foray was in 1996 and we came back together on a belated honeymoon in 2007. At this point Jill (in her infinite wisdom) tried to kill us by doing every single thing that there was to do. Most of it all in the first day after a 36-hour transit and no sleep.


So we literally did the whole tourist blitz on day one (walking over 25 kilometers) and then spent the next few days seeing them all properly. Our accommodation was on the outskirts which meant that we paid (comparatively) reasonable prices for our food, drink and lodgings.

So what did we see.

Eiffel Tower, well obviously we saw this a lot, whether walking past it, traversing around it, having lunch under it or climbing up it.

Oh god forbid that we take the lift to get to the top. No, thanks to my wife, we hiked every bloody step to get to the top.

The views were nice, but a lift ride would have yielded the same views.

And of course we walked along the ChampsÉlysées until we got to the…

Arc De Triomphe where we fought the crazy roundabout traffic to get some photos then it was on to the…

Cathedral of Notre Dame (long before it burnt down)

Louvre Museum here Jill excelled with the VIP pass that saw us cutting all of the lines to get in and get about.

The next day we headed off to the Palace of Versailles

And its grounds,,,

On another day we saw the Musée d’Orsay and then on to the

Basilique du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre

Palais Garnier – god forbid that we would have missed the opera house.

So basically we just ran around like idiots taking it all in. Sadly both of us forget where else we went in France, we both remember eating by the waterfront in Marsailles and we did get a few days blitzing Avignon but as it was so long ago, apart from the Papal Palace and the bridge, the rest is pretty hazy.

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